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Megumi Matcha

Sakura Cherry Blossom Chasen

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Sakura Cherry Blossom chasen

MEGUMI MATCHA brought a spring souvenir for you from Kyoto. This pretty Chasen comes with pink and white thread and is decorated with Sakura Cherry Blossom charm. 

Sakura Cherry Blossom shows the beginning of spring and new start, as Japan starts its financial and school year in April. Thus Sakura symbolize good luck and hope. Also Sakura symbolize the fleeting nature of life. The flower exhibit beauty and brilliance at their peak, but very fragile, short-lived and eventurally wither which mirroring that life is both short and precious. 

This Chasen is from Suikaen (翠華園) - the atelier of master bamboo whisk craftsman Yasuburo Tanimura 谷村弥三郎 in Takayama Nara, Japan. Suikaen has history of more than 530 years with the traditional process and an inherited technique of Chasen making - purely natural and chemical free. In Japan, there are roughly 17 chasen masters remaining, who are carrying on their families' tradition. Mr. Yasuburo Tanimura is one of them, 25th generation and head of Suikaen since 1970. This chasen is completely hand-made by Mr. Yasuburo Tanimura with using hand harvested bamboo that is seasoned for three years before being selected to become a handmade whisk.

1) We recomend to clean brand new bamboo whisk by soaking it in hot water for about 2 minutes. Twisted center and outer tips of the bamboo whisk will be loosen and gradually unfurl. This will help you better in making a perfectly blended matcha.

2) After each use, rinse with cold water and stand, tines up, to dry in a well-ventilated area.

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